Florida Insider Poll: Ashley Moody will be nominee for attorney general

The Republicans have a bunch of candidates, but the former Hillsborough circuit judge is overwhelmingly favored
Published Feb. 23, 2018

Republicans have a crowded field of viable candiidates running for attorney general, but more than 220 of the state's most plugged in political experts are in near-consensus on who will win.

A whopping 70 percent of the political fundraisers, campaign strategists, lobbyists and others surveyed predicted former Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Ashley Moody will win the nomination. Nine percent said state Rep. Jay Fant of Jacksonville, 7 percent said Rep. Frank White of Pensacola,  nearly 4 percent said Ross Spano of Dover. Another 11 percent said "other," probably reflecting the sentiment — which he consistently rules out — that Florida House Speaker will run wind up running for attorney general rather than governor.

"She's the only candidate with real world experience," one Republican said of Moody. "As long as others in the race continue to mansplain second amendment rights to someone who has already walked the walk and talked the talk, Moody will be Florida's next AG."

Among the registered Republicans surveyed, more than six in 10 predicted Moody would win the nomination, nearly 12 percent said Fant, 11 percent White, and 2 percent Spano.