Rubio: ‘No disagreement’ with new approach on North Korea

Rubio also discussed guns.
(The Associated Press)
(The Associated Press)
Published March 9, 2018|Updated March 9, 2018

WASHINGTON – Sen. Marco Rubio says he has "no disagreement" with the sudden change on North Korea. Appearing Friday on CBS This Morning, Rubio sounded less certain about restricting gun magazine capacity.

"It's a new issue for me in terms of considering it. There's a lot of complexity there about what the right size should be and so forth," said Rubio, who also is not pushing to raise the purchase age of semiautomatic rifles — another concept he expressed support for at the CNN town hall last month, drawing criticism from some on the right.

Instead, Rubio stressed that he's focused on "phase one" of the gun issue, which is less controversial ideas focused on school safety. He and Sen. Bill Nelson have also offered a bill to encourage states to establish gun-violence restraining orders.

"There's consensus around them," Rubio said. "That's step one. These other more contentious issues will be part of step two … ."

Asked about the Florida Legislature's school and gun bill that raises the purchase age of all guns to 21, Rubio said he would "prefer that it not include shotguns and bolt action rifles."

After the appearance, Rubio added to his comments about North Korea: