DeSantis: NRA lawsuit against new Florida gun restriction ‘probably going to succeed’

DeSantis said he liked school security provisions in bill.
Ron DeSantis appears on Fox News, March 9, 2018.
Ron DeSantis appears on Fox News, March 9, 2018.
Published Mar. 10, 2018

GOP candidate for governor Ron DesSantis predicted the NRA lawsuit challenging the new Florida gun restriction will "probably succeed."

Appearing on Fox News after Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill, DeSantis dodged a question whether he would have signed the bill, saying he would approach it "a little bit different," and praised school security measures.

But DeSantis criticized the move to raise the gun purchase age to 21.

"I think when you start getting into some of the blanket restrictions on people's Second Amendment rights, I think that that is constitutionally vulnerable. I think those lawsuits are probably going to succeed. I mean think about it, you have an enumerated right in the Bill of Rights, there's really no precedent to just do a blanket ban on certain adults."

The clip was circulated Saturday by Florida Democrats, eager to paint DeSantis as a pawn of the NRA.