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Winner and loser of the week in Florida Politics

Lately it seems one Democrat is catching fire
Mayor Andrew Gillum gives a press conference in front of Tallahassee City Hall| CateComm
Published Mar. 11, 2018
Updated Mar. 11, 2018

Winner of the week
Andrew Gillum. Tallahassee's mayor may be an underdog in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, but lately it seems he's the Democrat catching fire. He has been all over cable TV talking gun control, he drew prominent coverage in the Washington Post, and he won the endorsement of a top Florida Democratic money-raiser, former Florida Democratic Chairman Bob Poe.

Loser of the week
State Rep. Elizabeth Porter. You don't have to support gun control to respect the passionate young people urging their elected representatives to enact more restrictions after the Parkland massacre. The Lake City legislator scoffed at their democratic participation: "We've been told listen to the children, do what the children ask," she said. "Do we allow the children to tell us that we should pass a law that says no homework? Or you finish high school at the age of 12 just because they want it so? No. The adults make the law because we have the age, we have the wisdom, and we have the experience."