David Jolly: Trump should be primaried in 2020

The Republican was considering a return to elective politics this year.
David Jolly
David Jolly
Published March 14, 2018|Updated March 14, 2018

Former GOP Congressman David Jolly said Tuesday night he will not seek a return to elective politics this year, citing the bitterly close special election in a Pennsylvania district Donald Trump won by nearly 20 percentage points.

Trump, Jolly said, should be "primaried in 2020."

"Our focus tonight is on being a part of that primary," Jolly wrote on Twitter. (Early Wednesday, Conor Lamb was being declared the winner by Democrats.)

Jolly, of Pinellas County, has gained a national profile for his outspokenness about Trump. Four nights ago tonight, he won a nationally watched special election, besting Democrat Alex Sink.

In 2016, Jolly briefly made a bid for U.S. Senate before running for another House term, only to be defeated by former Gov. Charlie Crist, who had become a Democrat.