Richard Corcoran has spent $3-million to reach 3 percent; Gwen Graham slips to third place

Both primaries are wide open races with no clear frontrunner
Published March 20, 2018|Updated March 20, 2018

A new robo poll of Florida's gubernatorial primaries by Gravis Market (grade of B- by has ominous results for Democrat Gwen Graham and for Republicans Adam Putnam and Richard Corcoran.

In the Democratic primary, Gravis has Philip Levine at 13 percent support, Andrew Gillum at 11, Graham at 9, and Chris King at 2.

In the GOP primary, Ron DeSantis enjoys support from 19 percent of likely Republican voters, Adam Putnam 17 percent and Richard Corcoran 3 percent.

The Democratic primary is essentially a three-way tie, and the Republican a two-way tie between Fox News regular DeSantis and Putnam, according the poll taken over a an usually long time period, Feb. 26 to March 19. Gravis' February poll of the race also showed those candidates within the margin of error.

"What's clear from every poll we've seen since the President endorsed Ron DeSantis for Governor, is that Ron is trending up and Adam Putnam is trending down," said Ron DeSantis Press Secretary, David Vasquez. "It's clear Florida conservatives want a proven leader who has the support of the President and not a career politician who's beholden to special interests."

Putnam was once the clear frontrunner. No more, although he has a big campaign account to gain ground when he starts to use it. Graham was once the nominal frontrunner, and that status is clearly gone given the deep pockets of Levine, who has $6 million on TV ads so far who had spent about $5 million on TV ads by the time to Gravis survey started on Feb. 26. (Arguably he should be be doing better than he is, considering none of his rivals are on TV).

Corcoran, the high profile Florida House Speaker, has spent nearly $3 million on TV ads, is still remains in the cellar. Ouch.

Other results:

***In the U.S. Senate race Bill Nelson leads Rick Scott 44 percent to 40 percent.

***Sixty three percent support restoring voting rights to felons who have completed their sentence and 25 percent oppose.

***Forty-five percent think greyhound racing should be illegal in Florida, and 25 percent think legal.

***On gun control, 64 percent supported a ban on semiautomatic weapons and 31 percent opposed and 76 percent supported raising the age for any firearms purchase to 21.

***Forty three percent approve of Gov. Scott's job percent and 38 percent disapprove.

***Forty one percent approve of Donald Trump's performance and 48 percent disapprove.

***Florida voters are evenly split on the tax reform package heralded by Republican leaders, with 36 percent approving of it, and 37 percent disapproving.