Cool, calm and off Twitter: Carlos Curbelo

Republican from Miami faces tough re-election.
Published March 23, 2018|Updated March 23, 2018

WASHINGTON – He's one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country but Rep. Carlos Curbelo wears the countenance of calm.

"I'm the only child of old parents, so I've been called an old soul. The secret to my demeanor is I came to understand at a very early age that I'm mortal. Most things are not worth getting upset about," the 38-year-old Miamian said last week at the Capitol.

This should be upsetting: A Republican in a Congressional district crushed by Clinton now trying to hang on in the Trump era, a time when far more entrenched Republicans than Curbelo are under duress.

"I feel the strongest politically that I have in my entire time since I started running for congress in 2013," Curbelo said after a TV interview conducted just feet from hardcore conservative Rep. Matt Gaetz of north Florida, who was also on air and whom fully embraces the president.

"The data we see from the district is very strong, anecdotally, my interactions with constituents," Curbelo said. "People are generally pleased with the type of representation they are getting."

But calm has other masters. Curbelo gave up social media for Lent.

"It's been wonderful. I'm telling you sincerely," he said.

"We are not living fully, we're really not. I'm going to go back to it but I'm going to go back to it differently. I used to do interviews and you need that immediate gratification – what are people saying? Who cares?

"If something is big enough, I'll find out about it. I don't need to be sitting around. It's a true double-edged sword, and on many days, one edge is sharper and more dangerous than the other. It's led to the deterioration of our society."