Here’s another thing that Florida lawmakers didn’t do this year

For a single mom or dad working full time at minimum wage, diapers can consume 6 percent of total annual pay. For the lowest-income parents, it’s as much as 14 percent. New research shows a third of families in the United States struggle with the expense. Florida lawmakers said they would help. And then they didn't.
EVE EDELHEIT   |   Times
Published Mar. 28, 2018

It's been widely reported that this year's legislative session was the least productive in at least 21 years.

And by now, the media has dutifully reported the numbers: 196 bills passed. Gov. Rick Scott has signed 157 of them into law so far. Zero vetoes.

You've read all about the gun legislation and the budget that passed.

And yes, some of the bills that didn't pass got some ink, too. Vacation rentals. A limit on school board terms. A ban on fracking. Or assault weapons.

But sometimes it's the small things, or, more accurately, the seemingly small things, that can matter most and don't get as much attention.

Take diapers.

Like last year, there seemed to be broad support to provide some assistance for poor families in buying this increasingly expensive item. Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, sponsored legislation the last two years that would eliminate the sales tax on baby diapers. That's a huge savings for a family on the poverty line.

But, like last year, the legislation fizzled.

And that non-action is a big deal.

Read why in this story.