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Rubio asks followers to support Rick Scott

Rubio's also signaled there's limits to how much he'll oppose fellow Sen. Bill Nelson.
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., joined at right by Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., holds a news conference to unveil his plan to address gun violence with legislation on restraining orders, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, March 7, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) DCSA123
Published Apr. 9, 2018
Updated Apr. 10, 2018

WASHINGTON – Sen. Marco Rubio has stirred speculation about how much he'll do to support Rick Scott over Bill Nelson but this morning went on Twitter to ask his followers to support the Republican governor.

"The road to growing the senate #GOP majority runs through #Florida," Rubio wrote.

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Here is what Rubio recently told the Times/Herald about the election and his relationship with Nelson and Scott.

"It has been the case historically that the party in power, particularly the one that has the White House lose seats," he said. "Whether times are different or not, we'll see. The news cycles are very different now a days so the challenge for any Republican running in 2018 will be can you attract voters that may disapprove of the president but are willing to judge you for you and where you stand as opposed to their feelings for you."

Do you campaign with Rick Scott?

"Well, I don't campaign against Bill Nelson. Bill Nelson and I have a very good working relationship. I think come election time — he supported Patrick Murphy because he wanted his party to have more seats in the Senate. I'll support the Republican nominee if Rick Scott wins it will be him. I think he'll do a good job as a senator. It's not an indictment on Bill. I couldn't ask for a better partner, especially from the other party, but come election time I want my party to win, just like he wants his party to win."

"I've worked well with Bill Nelson from the beginning. I mean the U.S. Senate is a place where you have to work well with people or you can't get anything done. Our rules are such that one single senator can bring the place to a halt. The other thing is people of Florida expect us to do that. When they send you to Washington they expect come campaign season to do political things but on a day to day basis work as closely together as you can."

How do you describe your relationship with the governor?

"It's positive. I don't work as closely with him because he's a state official and I'm a federal official but on the issues that align we've worked well together, whether it's the health care debate or other state issues. I would anticipate if he wins I will have just as good a relationship as I have with Sen. Nelson and probably vote aligned a lot more. But there's no way to be successful in the Senate unless you're willing to work with people because you need 60 votes to pass anything and any single senator can stop things if they wanted to."