Scott keeps a distance from Trump on Day 1

Republican governor won't say if he'll seek Trump's help.
File photo of Gov. Rick Scott and then-candidate Donald Trump. [Twitter]
File photo of Gov. Rick Scott and then-candidate Donald Trump. [Twitter]
Published April 9, 2018|Updated April 9, 2018

President Donald Trump urged Gov. Rick Scott to run for Senate but Scott isn't sending as warm signs back.

He did not mention Trump during his campaign event this morning in Orlando and dodged a question on Fox News in the afternoon whether he'd ask Trump to campaign with him.

"I have — I've not had the opportunity to talk to him recently about this race," Scott said in a Fox News interview just after 2 p.m.  "I know he's asked me to get into the race. What I — what I tell people is, I'm running as Rick Scott.  People know my track record.  I'm a business person that grew up in a very poor family.  I'm going to bring that all to the table to make sure we change the direction of D.C."

Sen. Bill Nelson readily noted the silence.

"I think the important question is watch Rick Scott, he's not mentioning Trump at all," Nelson said on Fox News. "He's trying to keep his distance, because he knows that there is — there's some problems in Washington and 1600 Pennsylvania."

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