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An environmental group is out with a new anti-Rick Scott campaign and it is…interesting

2007 wants its meme back.

Remember getting "Rick rolled?"

Around a decade ago, we as a society decided it was funny to email unsuspecting coworkers links titled things like "you won't believe this!" — only to have the opener of the link subjected to the 1987 song stylings of Rick Astley. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is a pretty good rundown of the meme.)

The League of Conservation Voters has decided it's never gonna give the meme up. In a new campaign aimed at Gov. Rick Scott's environmental record, the LGV has rechristened Florida's Republican governor, "Rick Roll Rick Scott."

In a Medium post, the LCV accused Scott of "attempting to deceive Floridians about his record on offshore drilling, climate change, and protecting the beaches and other special places that drive Florida's tourism economy."

Playing on the theme of deception, the LCV wrote that it doesn't want Florida voters to get "rick rolled" by a governor allegedly trying to cover up his environmental record. The league set up a Twitter account called @RickRollRickSct, complete with GIFs of Astley dancing with Scott's head superimposed over his own. The account had fewer than 30 followers as of Monday evening. (Scott's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

The LCV, which advocates and funds pro-environment political candidates and causes, had a number of problems with Scott. Among other things, the group claimed Scott "censored science" by prohibiting state employees from using certain climate change-related phrases in official documents; and that Scott has advocated for more offshore drilling. (Read PolitiFact's reporting on those issues here and here.)

The League's beef with Scott is hardly surprising. Although the group is officially nonpartisan, it overwhelmingly supports Democratic candidates. In 2012, the group gave Sen. Bill Nelson — Scott's 2018 Senate opponent — $18,419, according to OpenSecrets.

But the way the group chose to voice its opposition? That was quite surprising. I guess the League just wanted to tell us how they're feeling. Try to make us understand…

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