Rick Scott: Term limits, term limits, term limits!

The governor never mentioned Sen. Bill Nelson in Tampa, but his message was clear
Rick and Ann Scott today at Creative Sign Designs
Rick and Ann Scott today at Creative Sign Designs
Published April 10, 2018|Updated April 10, 2018

Rick Scott brought his U.S. Senate campaign to Tampa this morning — part of what one Scott supporter affectionately described as the Where's Baldo tour — where he made clear what his continuing message will be as he takes on Bill Nelson: As promised Florida is better off than when I took office, and Washington needs term limits.

"We're not going to change Washington with career politicians," he said, alluding to but never naming Sen. Bill Nelson, who has been in elective office roughly since the War of 1812.

Scott inside a warehouse belonging to Creative Sign Design, a manufacturing company who's business has been booming in recent years.

President and CEO Jamie Harden said tax cuts Scott helped enact, especially on manufacturers, have been a big help to the firm.

"We are on a roll," Scott said, touting 1.5 million  Florida jobs created over eight years. "We're going to take that can-do attitude to Washington, D.C.

Donning his signature Navy cap, the governor several time mixed up whether he was running for U.S. senate or governor again.

"We're got to stop sending politicians to Tallahassee," he declared, presumably meaning Washington. "We've got to shake that place up!"