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Cops: Janitor looking to download Xbox games found with hard drives with secret Florida taxpayer info

FDLE agents said the 21-year-old custodian used the hard drives to download Xbox video games.

The four Florida Department of Revenue hard drives that went missing last month contained secret information about taxpayers.

But state police say 21-year-old Andru Reed found something better to store on the drives: Xbox video games.

On Tuesday, Reed was arrested by Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents, who said that they don't believe he ever accessed the "confidential taxpayer information" originally kept on the drives.

"Reed indicated that he had connected the hard drives to his Xbox to download video games without knowing what was on the hard drives," FDLE said in a statement.

The drives were found missing from Department of Revenue workstations in Tallahassee last month. A department spokeswoman said Reed was an employee of a custodial company that contracts with the state.

Police did not say how Reed came across the drives. He was charged with offenses against intellectual property and offenses against users of computer systems, both third-degree felonies.

"We are confident that the information on the drives was not accessed," a department spokeswoman said in a statement. "As a result of the Department of Revenue's thorough processes and procedures to monitor and maintain equipment, we were able to rapidly identify and report the property missing."