Democrats mock Rick Scott’s scripted, ‘robotic’ style

Rick Scott's message discipline? Or Rick Scott message memorization?
Published April 25, 2018|Updated April 26, 2018

The Democratic group American Bridge has a new video ridiculing 'Robotic Rick Scott' for his speaking performance on the campaign trail:

From their release:

American Bridge’s new video highlights how,at staged event after staged event, Rick Scott repeats the same meaningless, poll-tested speech, while hiding from the public and refusing to answer questions from the press

“Rick Scott refuses to answer questions from the media or Floridians, but he can recite his poll-tested stump speech like a machine. Unfortunately for Scott, it’s going to take more than poorly delivered — and overwhelmingly false — talking points to persuade Floridians to promote him to yet another political office,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.