Rick Scott launches another TV ad

It's a $2 million buy, the campaign said.
Published May 1, 2018|Updated May 1, 2018

Rick Scott is out with another TV ad in his Senate campaign, a $2 million statewide purchase that focuses on term limits and his vow to get "results."

It's his third ad so far, including one in Spanish. The first one also pitched his term limit proposal.

"Successful business people have to be focused on results, Scott says in the ad, wearing his signature blue buttondown. "If you do not get results, you will not be in business. We have to have the same attitude in Washington. If you're not accomplishing things in Washington, you should not be in office."

All told, Scott has spent $5 million on ads so far — an extraordinary sum so early in the election. Yesterday, his campaign said it had raised $3.2 million in the first three weeks — equal to what Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson raised in the entire first quarter.

Brace yourself, Mr. Nelson.