Rick Scott to campaign today with Puerto Rico’s member of Congress

Continues heavy focus on Puerto Rican vote.
Associated Press.
Associated Press.
Published May 1, 2018|Updated May 1, 2018

Continuing a heavy focus on the Puerto Rican vote, Gov. Rick Scott today will get the in-person endorsement of the territory's congressional representative, Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon.

The fellow Republican will appear with Scott this morning at El Cilantrillo Cafe in Kissimmee and later at La Casona Restaurant in Tampa.

Scott began his outreach to the Puerto Rican community virtually the first breath of his Senate campaign announcement April 9 in Orlando and has made several visits to the Orlando area since then.

Sen. Bill Nelson has also courted the community.

Ahead of Scott's campaign appearance, state Sen. Victor Torres Jr., D-Orlando, released a statement: "In the days immediately following the storm, Rick Scott did little more than visit the island for a photo op and now, as he runs for Senate, he continues to use this issue to help his political career. As housing, healthcare and education needs continue to grow in the community, Rick Scott's record of cutting the programs that so many of our families and communities depend on become more evident. Months later, as the island continues to rebuild and our communities here in Florida face a housing crisis, we are reminded of Rick Scott's empty promises and failure to lead when our communities need it the most."