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Pelosi: ‘I love Alan Grayson’ but he shouldn’t challenge Soto

Pelosi says Grayson should have chosen another seat to run in.

ST. PETERSBURG – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says she's "sad" Alan Grayson decided to primary rookie Rep. Darren Soto but chose her words carefully when talking about the race.

"I love Alan Grayson. He was a very progressive member of Congress," Pelosi said Wednesday in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times editorial board. "I wish he would run in a different seat. I would love to have him back.

"But Darren is there now and is very important to us in terms of generationally and also in terms of issues that relate to Puerto Rico, which are a priority for us to address. I have supported Darren Soto. I'm sad that Alan chose to come back in that race.

"We'll see what happens."

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Grayson, who had talked about running against Republican Rep. Daniel Webster or even seeking the seat Rep. Dennis Ross is vacating, got in the race this week and says polling shows he does best in the Orlando district held by Soto, the first Puerto Rican member of Congress from Florida.

One of Grayson's criticisms is that Soto has not pushed to impeach President Donald Trump. But Pelosi told the Times that impeachment talk is not wise for candidates as it will only rally the Republican base.