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Bill Nelson is getting buried on TV by Rick Scott and co.

Nelson is getting hit hard early in the race.
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Published May 3, 2018
Updated May 3, 2018

A pro-Rick Scott super PAC released an ad today attacking Bill Nelson as a career politician with no notable accomplishments. (PolitiFact looked at a related claim and called it "mostly false."

The $2.4 million ad buy from New Republican, which the AP reported begins next Monday, represents the latest in an all-out barrage against Democrat Nelson who is seeking a fourth term.

Scott's campaign itself has spent $5 million on ads already, those focusing on term limits and how Scott will "get results."

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Nelson campaign: "This is nothing but a baseless, Rick Scott Super PAC attack trying to distract from his record of putting himself first at the expense of Floridians. Rick Scott got rich ripping off Medicare and his company paid a $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine. Then, he used the governor's office to get $46 million richer, ripping off taxpayers again. Bill Nelson has spent his time as a public servant fighting for Floridians."