Rick Scott ad spending hits $17 million

A screenshot from Scott's first ad.
Published June 12, 2018
Updated June 12, 2018

Florida's U.S. Senate race is effectively tied, but the spending just grows more lopsided, $17 million for Rick Scott to roughly $3 million for Bill Nelson.

Rick Scott campaign: $11 million

Rick Scott super PAC: $5.9 million

Bill Nelson campaign: $0*

Senate Majority PAC: $2.2 million^

Senate Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action: $600,000

Nelson can take some comfort in that after weeks of bombardment, the race is even, per a new Politico poll out Monday, though it showed a wide advantage for the Republican governor among older, reliable voters.

But Scott is also following the same path as his two previous elections. He overwhelms his opponents with money for a narrow victory.

* Nelson has spent nothing on TV but has done some digital advertising, though the campaign declined to say how much.

^ The super PAC on Monday said it had reserved "seven figures" in Florida starting after Labor Day.


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