Trump’s Mar-a-Lago looks to bring in more foreign workers

The Palm Beach club seeking 40 workers under the controversial H-2B visa program.
Mar-a-Lago (Associated Press)
Mar-a-Lago (Associated Press)
Published July 6, 2018

WASHINGTON – The Winter White House is looking again to staff up with foreign workers.

President Donald Trump's Palm Beach resort is seeking 40 waiters to start work in October, continuing a reliance on cheaper labor while the president pushes his "America first" policies.

The H-2B visa filing, made public Thursday, states workers would be paid $12.68 an hour, minimum with overtime possible, "but not guaranteed @ $19.02/hr."

Trump has hired hundreds of foreign workers over the years and has done so at his other clubs. Opponents, including Sen. Marco Rubio, tried to use it against him to no effect.

"When you bring someone in on one of these visas they can't go work for anybody else," Rubio said during a presidential debate. "They either work for you or they have to go back home. You basically have them captive, so you don't have to worry about competing for higher wages with another hotel down the street. And, that's why you bring workers from abroad."

The use of temporary foreign workers also translates to savings on raises and benefits.

Trump countered that other hotels do the same thing. "Long-term employees, we don't do that, but short-term employees, we have no choice but to do it, and other hotels in that very, very hot area. It is a very hot area."

Rubio shot back: "There were Americans in that hot area."

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