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New pro-Nelson ad targets Scott over Medicaid expansion

“Scott puts insurance companies first; Bill Nelson puts Florida first,” the ad asserts.
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson (Associated Press photos)
Published Jul. 11, 2018
Updated Jul. 12, 2018

A top Democratic super PAC is putting $2.6 million behind a new ad attacking Gov. Rick Scott over health care funding and for failing to expand Medicaid.

"Scott puts insurance companies first; Bill Nelson puts Florida first," the ad asserts.

It's the second major ad buy on Nelson's behalf from Senate Majority PAC, and it highlights Democrats' strategy of making health care a focus.

"Bill Nelson took on insurance companies; forcing them to cover people with pre-existing conditions," the ad states.

It starts tomorrow.

The first ad, at $2.2 million, was a Nelson bio spot.

Additionally, Senate Majority PAC has reserved $23 million in air time for Nelson starting in October and running through Election Day.

Scott campaign response:

The national opioid crisis…
Governor Scott proposed and secured more than $65 million to address the opioid epidemic and championed major legislation to limit the chance of drug addiction, reduce the ability for dangerous drugs to spread and give vulnerable Floridians the support they need. What has Bill Nelson done again… besides write letters and tweets?

Florida's doctor shortage…
Governor Scott championed a more than $80 million investment for Graduate Medical Education programs and signed legislation to decrease the demand on primary-care doctors by allowing advanced nurse practitioners and physician assistants to prescribe certain medication. What has Bill Nelson done again… besides suddenly choose to care about this issue during an election year?

Seniors struggling to pay for care…
Governor Scott has invested millions of dollars to support programs that help ensure seniors can remain in their home as long as possible and secured funding to serve individuals on the Alzheimer's Disease Initiative waiting list. What has been Bill Nelson done again… besides support multiple tax increases on the elderly, vote to cut Medicare by $716 billion and vote against legislation that would protect the Social Security Trust Fund from being raided by Congress?

Vetoed healthcare funds….
Governor Scott championed and signed legislation to increase transparency for Florida hospitals and patients to fight against hospital price gouging and has secured major investments in healthcare services in healthcare facilities and communities. What has Bill Nelson done again… besides stay seemingly silent on the importance of bringing transparency to publicly funded hospitals?

Refused federal funds…
Governor Scott has been clear that he would never support taking federal funding that would leave Florida taxpayers on the hook for paying the bill. Instead, under his leadership, Florida's Medicaid program is operating at the highest level of quality care in its history. What has Bill Nelson done again… besides continuously supporting growing government and failing to ensure Florida taxpayers are treated fairly?

Took on insurance companies by forcing them to cover people with pre-existing conditions….
Let's just cut to the point on this one: how is accepting more than $1.1 million in campaign contributions from the insurance industry taking them on? How is showing up for work and raising your hand as directed by democratic party bosses to support Obamacare the same as forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions? What has Bill Nelson done again? ….Apparently not much.
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