‘We weren’t giving up on Ella’: Philip Levine releases new ad

In the ad, a campaign director talks about the moment she heard the news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and speaks about the support she received from Levine and the campaign.
Published July 24, 2018|Updated July 24, 2018

Former Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine released a new ad this week that shows a softer side in his bid for Democratic nominee for governor.

Here's the release:

TAMPA — Today, Team Levine is releasing a new television ad featuring Tampa Bay Regional Director, Ella K. Coffee, who just after joining the campaign was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the ad, Ella talks about the moment she heard the news and speaks about the support she received from Philip and the entire team, who are all standing alongside her and fully supporting her on her journey. The ad will air in all media markets throughout the state.

Ella K. Coffee said, "Team Levine is more than just a campaign—it's a family. Before I started in my position, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The Levine campaign told me to come on; that this is a journey that no one should take by themselves and we're going to take this walk with you. Florida is going to be very fortunate when we elect Philip Levine as Governor; because our state will finally have a leader who cares for its citizens. If one of us is hurting, we are all hurting—that is Philip's belief."

Mayor Philip Levine said, "Ella's diagnosis stunned us. Our team is standing with her as we take this walk together—it's the right thing to do, no one should have to make that journey alone. Campaigns are about more than winning and losing—they're about people coming together for a common purpose and about the relationships made along the way."

Here's the ad: