Poll: Republicans dominate the list of most popular governors

Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott, is America's 22nd most popular governor by net rating.
Published July 26, 2018

If this poll is to be believed, a lot of Americans sure do like their Republican governors.

According to a quarterly Morning Consult poll released Wednesday, of the top 15 most popular governors by net approval rating, all 15 are Republicans.

Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott, did not crack that list. He ranked just 22nd in net approval rating, with a 54 percent approval rating and a 35 percent disapproval rating.

Still, that +19 overall number is healthy, and it tracks with other recent polling. A recently released Florida Atlantic University Business and Economic Polling Initiative survey found that Scott had a 50 percent approval rating and a 32 percent disapproval rating, for a net rating of +18.

The Morning Consult poll found that voters had mostly generous views of their governors. Just 13 have negative approval ratings. Of those, eight are Republican, four are Democrats and one, Gov. Bill Walker of Alaska, is an independent.

Overall, Republicans control 33 governorships, compared to just 16 that are in the hands of Democrats.

Check out the Morning Consult poll's methodology here.