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Bill Nelson’s new ad: ‘The governor was actually doing the price gouging’

The Democrat's latest ad appears online, not on TV, and accuses the Republican governor of price gouging.

Rarely in Florida politics has a news story morphed into a TV ad so fast.

Sen. Bill Nelson is out with a new digital ad that claims Gov. Rick Scott dramatically escalated the cleanup costs from Hurricane Irma by handing an emergency contract to an inexperienced company instead of the debris removal firms already in place to do such work for FDOT, the Florida Department of Transportation.

The 30-second spot is based entirely on reporting by Jim DeFede of CBS 4 in Miami, whose voice is heard throughout the commercial. A Miami Herald headline appears briefly: 'Millions of dollars of wasteful spending.'

Scott's campaign said the ad shows that Nelson and his fellow Democrats care more about private vendors "who lost an opportunity to profit off a disaster than they do about the families who were able to quickly return home, thanks to the work of Gov. Scott."

Scott's camp said his top concern was safety and recovery, "not helping special interests or politicizing hurricane recovery."

It's safe to assume that Florida voters haven't heard the last of Scott's handling of the recovery effort in this campaign.

Watch the ad here.