Gwen Graham’s new TV ad: Jeff Greene is even attacking my dad, Bob Graham

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jeff Greene attacked the Meek family when he ran for U.S. Senate
Published Aug. 7, 2018|Updated Aug. 8, 2018

UPDATE: "Gwen Graham is not Bob Graham." Scroll down for Jeff Greene's response.

When he ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in 2010 Jeff Greene called Democratic primary rival Kendrick Meek corrupt and implied his mother, former U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek, was too. Former Congressman Meek was livid about what he called personal attacks on his mother.

Eight years later, Greene is airing an ad taking on another legendary name in Florida politics – Graham — over the family business's ties to a mall proposed for northwest Miami-Date.

Now Gwen Graham is firing back. She has a new ad responding to Greene, chastising him for “even falsely attacking my dad,” Bob Graham, Florida’s popular former two-term governor and U.S. Senator. It notes that she has been endorsed by the Everglades Trust.

The Greene campaign responded by calling for Graham to oppose the mall and stressing that in attacking Gwen Graham over the the family business he is not attacking former Gov. Graham.

"If she is committed to fighting for the Everglades and being an environmental leader, she shouldn't allow this development to happen. Gwen Graham is running for governor. She can't do one thing and say another," said said in a statement.

More from the Greene campaign's release:

During his tenure as Governor and Senator, Bob Graham did great things for the state of Florida and for our environment. Ironically, he was the architect of our growth management policy that today protects millions of acres of pristine Florida beauty. He headed President Obama's commission to investigate the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and offshore drilling.

"But Gwen Graham is no Bob Graham," says Greene.

Within weeks of getting becoming a congresswoman, she voted to approve the Keystone pipeline, which is an environmental disaster in the making. She voted with big banks to roll back Dodd-Frank and help Wall Street banks to rob everyday Floridians of their hard-earned money. She voted to cut back Obamacare, President Obama's signature accomplishment that gave millions access to quality affordable healthcare. Democrats are left wondering: can we trust her with the progressive agenda Florida is demanding?

Graham calls Greene's attacks personal. That's patently false and she knows it. But her votes to gut Obamacare and her profiting from a paving over of the Everglades ARE personal to the millions of Floridians that they impact.

"Instead of doubling down on her poor track record, it's time for Gwen Graham to admit she was wrong and to call on her family to end this atrocious abuse of the Everglades," says Greene.