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Mail ballots surpass 2014 primary as GOP continues to lead

About 10 percent of all registered voters have cast ballots so far.
[Tampa Bay Times]
[Tampa Bay Times]
Published Aug. 22, 2018
Updated Aug. 22, 2018

Nearly 1.3 million Floridians have cast ballots in the primary election, and the total number of mail ballots cast has already surpassed the primary in 2014, the state reported Wednesday.

Statewide turnout so far is 1,247,345. That's just short of 10 percent of all voters.

The counties with the highest ballot totals are Miami-Dade, Hillsborough and Pinellas. The two Tampa Bay counties account for 15 percent of the state vote total.

Through Tuesday, about 965,000 voters had voted by mail, compared to 917,000 in the primary four years ago.

Republicans continue to outpace Democrats in voting, by about 47 percent to about 42 percent.

The counties with the most mail ballots that have not been returned are Miami-Dade with 202,163; Pinellas, 163,281; and Broward, 136,019.

Wednesday is the last day a voter can request to have a ballot sent by mail, unless the voter has an emergency.