Who is Chris King? The Florida Democratic lieutenant governor pick in three stories.

Get to know Chris King, Andrew Gillum's running mate.
Chris King launched a new TV ad across the state today
Chris King launched a new TV ad across the state today
Published Aug. 22, 2018|Updated Sept. 6, 2018

This story was posted when Chris King was a candidate for governor. It has been updated to reflect that King was selected on Sept. 6 to be Andrew Gillum's running mate on the Democratic ticket.

Chris King is the Democratic choice for lieutenant governor. He is a first-time political candidate. The Winter Park businessman is the CEO of Elevation Financial Group, a company that builds affordable housing.

Here are three key stories about Chris King.

1. Meet Chris King, the Christian, liberal longshot running for Florida governor

"Chris King, a 38-year-old lawyer, bleeding-heart businessman, Harvard graduate and Jesus-loving philanthropist, by all accounts is gifted and creative. But it's not clear he fully grasps how nuts it is to throw much of his family's nest egg into a campaign for Florida governor when nobody knows who he is and he has virtually no experience in government or campaigns."

2. Chris King calls his religious faith a 'curiosity' in Democratic party

"Emphasizing that he believes in the separation of church and state, King said Democrats should adopt politics that reflects what he said are true Christian values – concern for the poor and underprivileged, acceptance of racial and gender diversity, and ensuring availability of health coverage, affordable housing and quality public education."

3. Why Chris King is still a contender

"He is setting the agenda for other Democrats, including forcing discussion about Florida's growing affordable housing shortage. When King linked the health of the Everglades to special interest influence, his rivals gradually followed his lead in refusing to accept campaign money from the sugar industry."

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