Watch the most misleading campaign ad so far this year.

Congratulations Frank White, Republican candidate for Florida Attorney General.
Published Aug. 23, 2018

The campaign of Frank White for Florida attorney general appears to have altered the audio and manipulated video from an Orlando television station's news story to make it appear the reporter rated one of White's attack ads as "true" when the story actually called it "false."

The situation involved White's repeated attacks on his opponent in the Republican primary, Ashley Moody, because she was once registered to vote as a Democrat.

White has claimed in campaign advertising that Moody "was a lifelong Democrat."

In fact, when Moody initially registered to vote at age 18 while in high school, she registered as a Democrat, but she changed to Republican in January 1998 while in law school.

In a "Truth Test" story on a White campaign ad, WESH reporter Gregory Fox called it false, saying, "It is true Ashley Moody was first a registered Democrat. But it is false that she has been her whole life." The story showed a graphic with a "truth test" meter swinging from "true" to "false."

In a new ad, the White campaign replays the WESH story, but eliminates the word "first," so Fox is heard saying, "It is true Ashley Moody was a registered Democrat." The White ad then eliminates the second sentence and shows the "Truth Test" meter on "true."

The Frank campaign didn't immediately return calls for comment.

A Moody campaign spokeswoman said the ad is being broadcast but didn't know where or how often.

"Frank White can't even tell the truth about a Truth Meter," said a Moody campaign news release from campaign manager Nick Catroppo.

Listen for yourself:

Here's the WESH story.

Here, supplied by the Moody campaign through its media service, is the White ad .