Congress: George Buck wins GOP race for 13th District

Buck is edges out opponent Brad Sostack in the race to face Democratic incumbent Charlie Crist in November.
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Published Aug. 28, 2018|Updated Aug. 29, 2018
Republican George Buck will take on Congressman Charlie Crist this November for U.S. House District 13, which stretches from St. Petersburg to Clearwater. 

The first-time candidate will be up against steep competition from former governor Crist, who represents a district that leans Democratic.

"I'm going to run on my character and my policies, not only on the Republican ticket," Buck said looking forward to Nov. 6.

Buck had 56 percent of the vote compared to opponent's Brad Sostack's 44 percent, according to results reported Tuesday night by Pinellas County.

Buck, 64, is an Army Veteran turned academic who has worked as a firefighter and taught emergency management at Florida colleges.

He faced some scrutiny during the race after the Tampa Bay Times reported that his Ph.D. came from a fraudulent and defunct university.

Buck and Sostack, 36, are both anti-abortion and pro-Second Amendment. While Sostack focused his campaign on “draining the swamp,” Buck focused his attention on veteran’s issues.
In addition to the Army, Buck served in the Air Force Reserve and the Florida National Guard. He now works as consultant for catastrophic management.

"I'm too old to run into burning buildings," Buck said. "Now, I want to help with legislation."

U.S. Representatives earn $174,000 a year and are elected to two-year terms.

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