Can you pass the Adam Putnam quiz?

Adam Putnam loves to invoke little towns across Florida
Scenes from Adam Putnam's final bus tour stop in east Hillsborough County.
Scenes from Adam Putnam's final bus tour stop in east Hillsborough County.
Published Aug. 26, 2018|Updated Aug. 26, 2018

Sometimes it seems like Adam Putnam is battling Ron DeSantis for president of the geography club, rather than Florida governor.

The fifth generation Floridian stresses how well he knows Florida, and questions DeSantis' knowledge, by constantly sprinkling every stump speech with references to little known rural towns in Florida.

"You need somebody who understands where Jasper and Jennings is before they're governor, rather than have to ask a staffer. That's what this is all about," the geography show off declared Saturday evening at a barbecue rally in Hillsborough County. We're guessing most of the crowd was prompted to ponder where the heck Jasper is.

"You've got counties like Union County and Lafayette County that have only got one elementary, one middle and one high school — and I'm the only guy running for governor who know how to pronounce La-Fay-It the right way. You need somebody who knows Florida."

Never mind that Gov. Rick Scott surely would have been disqualified by this geography standard in 2010. It's dubious how many voters care about it either.

But what about you, Buzz reader? How would you fare taking the Adam Putnam geography challenge? Take out your blue books (those still exist?). What follows are Florida places that Mr. Geography know-it-call mentioned last night.

How many of these places can you identify on a map?

  1. Jasper
  2. Jennings
  3. Elkton
  4. Zolfo Springs
  5. Sopchoppy
  6. Perdido Key
  7. Everglades City
  8. Marianna
  9. Sanford
  10. Temple Terrace
  11. Jefferson County
  12. Lafayette County

Extra credit: Who is the pinko Adam Putnam referred to with the following comment?

Somebody even criticized us, that all we were doing was travelling the state eating barbecue. Number one, I'd say that's the smartest move any politician's ever made. And number two, anybody that criticizes barbecue is a no-good, pinko, communist. That's just all there is to it. Who criticizes barbecue?

Pencils down!

Extra credit Answer: Ron DeSantis' campaign manager.