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Mr. President is on the line for Florida GOP primary voters

Trump recorded a phone message to help Ron DeSantis win the Republican gubernatorial nomination

Republican voters in Florida are receiving a recorded phone call from the Big Guy.

The script:

"Hello, this is President Donald Trump. My friend Ron DeSantis is running for governor of the great state of Florida. I love Florida. I fully endorsed Ron in tomorrow's election," the president says in an unusually long robo call.

"Ron is a strong, solid conservative. He stood with me to build the wall, which is under construction right now, fight crime and cut taxes – all things that we're getting done and all with Ron's help.

"Ron is an Iraq war veteran who like me loves our military and is giving our troops the support and equipment they need to defend us. He's also really helping me with the vets and, as you know, we've already gotten choice approved. The vets now have choice for the first time ever.

"Remember, tomorrow's Election Day. Please get to the polls tomorrow to join me in supporting my friend, Ron DeSantis, for governor. He will be absolutely outstanding."