Janet Cruz has released the first ad of her state Senate campaign, a biographical spot called "Odds" that talks about Cruz's working class background.

Cruz, a Democratic state House member from Tampa, is challenging Republican state Sen. Dana Young.

The video is mostly black and white, with re-enacted and photographic scenes from Cruz's youth, and Cruz looking into the camera, while she speaks. The script:

"When you're the daughter of a single mother who worked in a factory, your odds of success aren't high. And when you become a mom at 16 they get worse. I'm Janet Cruz and odds didn't define me, I did. I finished high school, graduated college, opened a successful health care business, and now I'm running for state Senate. Because I understand the odds for all of us and I will always work to put them in our favor."

The ad is actually a "three-pack" paid for by the state party, with mentions of two other Democratic legislative candidates in the closing disclaimer. Since that makes it technically a party ad and not a Cruz campaign ad, it can legally be paid for with donations that exceed campaign contribution limits.

The party is spending $150,000 for a week-long buy on broadcast and cable TV.