Andrew Gillum demands three debates; Ron DeSantis wants “probably more”

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate already has accepted two debate invitations
Published Sept. 15, 2018

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has accepted invitations to two televised debates in October — one hosted by Univision 23 in Miami, the other by Leadership Florida in Davie — and the campaign said in a statement it "insists" Republican Ron DeSantis commit to another debate outside South Florida.

" Florida voters deserve the chance to hear from Mayor Gillum and Congressman DeSantis about the critical issues facing our state," senior Gillum adviser Scott Arceneaux said. "Mayor Gillum looks forward to sharing his vision for Florida that lifts people up, with higher wages, more money for schools, and affordable health care. We hope that Congressman DeSantis will join us, though it's unclear whether he'll be able to answer a single question about his non-existent campaign platform."

Asked about this today in Orlando, DeSantis told the Buzz he is "hell bent" on debating Gillum and would probably agree to more than three debates. The more they debate, DeSantis said, the better for for him.

"I definitely want to do debates. It's very, very important, particularly for a candidate like Andrew who nobody thought could win the primary. He did not face scrutiny of his record. He didn't face a single dollar in negative advertising, I don't think," DeSantis said after a picnic with Republican veterans. ". I had $17 million between U.S. Sugar and Putnam. So I think it's very important that Floridians have a clear sense of our visions for Florida, our leadership."

DeSantis and Adam Putnam held two televised debates during their Republican primary, while Gillum participated in six debates with his Democratic primary rivals and one with Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran.