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Winner and loser of the week in Florida politics

Photo of Carlos Curbelo. Credit: Miami Herald
Photo of Carlos Curbelo. Credit: Miami Herald
Published Sep. 23, 2018
Updated Sep. 23, 2018
Winner of the week
Carlos Curbelo. The Republican Congressman from Miami months ago looked like he could be Florida’s most vulnerable incumbent House member, representing a district that Hillary Clinton won by an overwhelming 16 percentage points. A New York Times poll last week was the latest to show Curbelo slightly ahead — and raising doubts about a big Democratic wave looming in the Sunshine State.
Loser of the week
Adam Putnam. The Tampa Bay Times reported last week that the agriculture commissioner and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate had hired to donor’s son for a $91,000 job. More shameless is as how that information was released: The Times made a public records request in May, and Putnam’s office finally released it after he lost the gubernatorial primary Aug. 28.
Runner up. Bill Nelson. Nate Silver, the statistician and political prognosticator on pegged Nelson’s  as the most vulnerable seat among 25 Democrats are defending this year. Nelson is neck and neck with Rick Scott, but that’s not a message he wants to send to  the national party and donors deciding where to send money.