With the race in U.S. House District 15 looking competitive, candidate Ross Spano has made some strategic alterations to his website, removing some of the hard-line conservative stances he took during the Republican primary and replacing them with more moderate-sounding, family-friendly issues.

In the primary, Spano faced Neil Combee in what became a contest over who was the strongest Trump supporter, the most anti-tax and most conservative candidate.

Now Spano, a state House member from Dover, faces lawyer and Democrat Kristen Carlson in a race that some polls have shown very close.

But a new poll released this week by the conservative advocacy group Club for Growth shows Spano leading 46-39 percent.

As of primary election day Aug. 28, the "Issues" section of Spano's campaign website listed sections on "President Trump," "Life" and "Second Amendment" as the top three, as shown on an Internet archive website.

"It is hard to express the level of importance of the achievements of President Trump in his first term," the Trump section said.

"Life begins at conception and must be protected at all costs," said the Life section, and the Second Amendment section said he'll "strive to make life easier for law-abiding gun owners."

That's all disappeared. As of Thursday, the top three issues listed were "Healthcare," "Jobs and the Economy" and "Education."

Candidates often take hard-line ideological positions in primary races, then "center up" by sounding more moderate in general elections where no-party and opposing party voters cast ballots.

Spano didn't respond to a request for comment.

Instead, his campaign issued a statement saying he "is putting people over politics by focusing on the issues that matter most to the people of District 15, regardless of their party affiliation," and noting that the issues section of Carlson's website doesn't include a section on education.

Carlson spokesman Conor Hurley called Spano's web site changes "hypocritical" and said regardless of the new poll, the race will be a "nail-biter."