More than 200 Florida Insiders overwhelmingly think hurricane helped Rick Scott campaign

Nearly three in four said Ron DeSantis gave a so-so or poor response to Hurricane Michael
Published Oct. 18, 2018|Updated Oct. 19, 2018

Four in 1o veteran Florida politicos think Hurricane Michael will hurt Republican Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial campaign, and nearly 30 percent expect the same for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson’s re-election prospects.oct18scotthelp

The candidates most in the spotlight before, during and after Michael hit north Florida, Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum overwhelmingly — especially Scott — drew strong marks for their response to the storm.  Seventy-seven percent expected the storm to help Scott's campaign, and more than six in 10 expected it to help Gillum, at least somewhat.

"Rick Scott can thank Hurricane Michael for the boost he needed at just the right time," one Democrat said of the governor, who stopped overtly campaigning after Michael hit.

"Rick Scott will carry Ron DeSantis on his coat tails," predicted a Republican. "I think Floridians deeply appreciate basic competence in the Governor's mansion, and Hurricane Michael did a lot to remind voters that competence matters."

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Fifty-six percent of the Insiders surveyed this week. expect Scott will unseat Sen. Bill Nelson, and 44 percent expect Nelson to win a fourth term.

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"Rick Scott favorablity ratings historically increase after a natural disaster in Florida as he appears to have a well-oiled machine to respond to these crises, Nelson is at a definite disadvantage here," a Republican said.

Several Democrats and Republicans downplayed the significance of the storm on the race.

"This hurricane was a big one but impacts a small percentage of the population. Most Floridians aren't engaged," another Republican said. "The Supreme Court battle did more to move votes than the hurricane. That being said Gov Scott showed off his leadership skills during this hurricane. That and his money will push him across the line. In order for Gillum to win, he needs a plus 2 D turnout. That hasn't happened in decades. DeSantis wins in a squeaker and the Democrats are demoralized for another 20 years. "

Nearly 63 percent of the Insiders expected Gillum to win the governor's race, and 37 percent DeSantis.

"This election is difficult to poll," said a Democrat. : I've done tons of polls. We always poll the usual suspects that always vote. Gillum seems to be bringing out new voters. We don't poll them, so I'm arbitrarily and capriciously adding 1-2 points to all Democratic Statewide candidates."

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Asked about the prospects of a "blue wave" helping Democrats up and down the ballot, nearly two thirds predicted a small one, 7 percent a big one,  24 percent none at all, and 3 percent a red wave helping Republicans

" IF there is a Blue Wave it will be mostly in large urban areas where Gillum won the Dem nomination," one Democrat said.  But, we'll have to wait and see if the rural conservative Dem and Repub voters come out as well in retaliation to the Kavanaugh circus, the proposed $1 billion increase in taxes by Gillum, and the other radical concepts advanced by the Dem's like legalization of marijuana, which isn't yet a deciding wedge issue."

"Democrats blew it on Kavanaugh and showed abject ugly partisanship that nearly destroyed a man," a Republican said. "Rule of law still matters to most Americans. The hurricane may hurt GOP turnout, but that is the only danger or benefit any politician will get from Michael."

Two thirds expected the Amendment 4 ballot question restoring voting rights to many ex-felons will pass.

Three out of four expected Democrats to gain at least one state Senate seat.\

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