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Far right Florida GOP operative complains he was assaulted while taunting people at Andrew Gillum rally

The "Proud Boys" member said he faced a "violent mob" while heckling Democrats during Gillum's speech

UPDATE: We changed the headline on this post after an attorney for Proud Boys said the term "alt right" is an incorrect description of the group.

An Orlando-based Republican consultant and member of the far right Proud Boys group, attended Andrew Gillum's women's rally in Tampa Friday night, shouting into a megaphone about billionaire liberal George Soros as Gillum addressed the crowed.  Video footage showed several people shoving the man, Jacob Engels, and/or trying to knock the megaphone from his hands.

Engels, a provocateur and close associate of fellow InfoWars contributor Roger Stone, used to attack Republican Ron DeSantis during the GOP primary. He said a "violent mob" of Gillum supporters assaulted him Friday, part of a narrative many Republicans across the country are using lately about Democrats. Engels also accused Gillum supporters of being homophobic because he is gay.

Andrew Gillum had this to say:

"We condemn the provocation and physical confrontation that was seen at the rally in Tampa Bay, yesterday," Gillum said. "The actions of those involved is not exemplary of the campaign we have built and, in fact, is exactly the kind of politics we are running against. Voters all across this state have supported our campaign because we are seeking to bring people together and that is what we will continue to do in the final 17 days of this election and everyday in the Governor's office."

The confrontrations ended within a few minutes, and then Engels went back to trying to disrupt Gillum's remarks to the crowd.

"Andrew Gillum, why did you let people assault me!?," he shouted in his megaphone.