Dem Poll: Rick Scott up 2, Andrew Gillum up 6, Ashley Moody up 6

Considerably more people see Florida heading in the right direction than wrong
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson (Associated Press photos)
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson (Associated Press photos)
Published Oct. 21, 2018|Updated Oct. 21, 2018

We're betting an Oct. 17-20 poll by Democratic pollster SE&A Research will be met with at least somewhat less skepticism than the CNN poll released today showing Democrat Bill Nelson comfortably ahead of Rick Scott and Andrew Gillum blowing out Ron DeSantis.

This telephone survey of 600 likely voters (MoE +/- 4 percent, 39 percent  D, 41 percent R, 20 percent other), conducted for an undisclosed client, shows Rick Scott leading Bill Nelson 47 percent to 45 percent, Gillum leading Ron DeSantis 48 percent to 42 percent, and Republican attorney general candidate Ashley Moody leading Democrat Sean Shaw 43 percent to 37 percent.

In the poll 45 percent said Florida is heading in the right direction, and 31 percent said wrong direction.

Favorable/Unfavorable ratings:

Trump: 47/45

Rick Scott: 46/38

Bill Nelson: 38/39

Andrew Gillum 42/32

Ron DeSantis 41/31