Winner of the week

Kristen Carlson. The Democratic lawyer and former general counsel to the Department of Citrust appears to be in a dead heat with Republican state Rep. Ross Spano of Dover for the congressional seat represented by outgoing Republican Dennis Ross. Long viewed as a safe Republican seat, this is turning into Florida's sleeper congressional race of the year. The district includes eastern Hillsborough, including Brandon and Plant City, and part of Polk and Lake counties. The respected Cook Political Report last week shifted its rating from "Leans Republican" to "Toss Up."

Kristen Carlson
Kristen Carlson

Losers of the week

1. Andrew Gillum. Mayor, when an undercover FBI agent has been paying for tickets, hotels and more for you, it is more than reasonable for your gubernatorial opponent to press you for information. To suggest he is pushing "stereotypes about black men," is nonsense and beneath you.

2. Ron DeSantis. Congressman to blow up and shout McCarthyism when asked in a debate about the racist, extremist, and bizarre things said or espoused by people you associate with is absurd. Given your track record, no one should have been surprised to see one your campaign supporters outside the debate holding a big "Fake bombs" sign. Yes, it does reflect on you.