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Ron DeSantis: Don’t like me calling him Andrew? Then how about ‘Crooked Mayor Gillum’

The Republican nominee for governor almost always refers to Andrew Gillum by his first name
[AP Photo/John Raoux, File]
[AP Photo/John Raoux, File]
Published Oct. 31, 2018
Updated Oct. 31, 2018

Ron DeSantis consistently refers to his Democratic opponent for governor, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum as '"Andrew," while Gillum calls his rival Mr. DeSantis or Congressman DeSantis.

Gillum has said he did not appreciate the informal name usage when they met for the first time at a televised debate earlier this month: "All of a sudden without invitation, he was calling me Andrew. Now between the two of us, he quit his job in Congress, but I'm a sitting mayor, and he had the nerve to address me only as Andrew," Gillum said.

" I think he's just trying to create issues," DeSantis said when asked about this Tuesday, noting that he referred to his GOP primary rival Adam Putnam by his first name in a debate too.

"But if he wants to have formal titles, I'll do it, but I've got to be honest about it," DeSantis said. "Maybe we can call him Failed Mayor Gillum, because of the crime rate.  Or maybe we'll call him Crooked Mayor Gillum for accepting illegal gifts. Maybe we call him Radical Mayor Gillum for signing the Dream Defenders Pledge."

Six more days.

Here is Gillum discussing this a few days ago: