The second and final Saturday of early voting produced robust turnouts and some waiting lines across the state.

Early voting traditionally has favored Democrats, and that party surged to a 10,000-plus advantage Saturday, as the number of Democrats voting early exceeded those voting by mail. The total votes cast were nearly 4.5 million statewide.

Republicans represent 41.3 percent of early and mail ballots and Democrats make up 40 percent. Independents and minor-party voters are 18.7 percent.

Both political parties are over-performing relative to their share of the Florida electorate, but Republicans (35 percent) are doing better than Democrats (37 percent).

Both candidates for governor, Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, were pushing supporters to cast their ballots. So were supervisors of elections, who want to avoid lines on Tuesday, Nov. 6, election day.

"Today is the last day to early vote in some counties," Gov. Rick Scott texted his supporters. The Republican U.S. Senate candidate said: "Make sure you don't get left out." His campaign web site directed voters to their nearest early voting site. So did his opponent, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

Voter turnout remains strong in Democratic and Republican counties for a midterm election.

"Very pleased with turnout overall but today is definitely strong," said Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley.

Pasco was one of the keys to Donald J. Trump's victory in Florida two years ago.

Hillsborough closely tracked early voting turnout hour-by-hour Saturday and it was highest right after the lunch hour, with more than a voter each minute checking in to vote.

Broward County reported a waiting time of less than an hour at one of its early voting sites, a regional library in Coral Springs.

The Miami-Dade elections office reported wait times of up to 45 minutes at one of its sites.

Daniel Smith, chairman of the political science department at the University of Florida, breaks down statewide turnout by race and by age and notes that turnout is skewing whiter and older. That generally favors Republicans.