Florida House District 59 results: Joe Wicker loses to Adam Hattersley

Democrat Adam Hattersley wins state House 59 race
Published Nov. 7, 2018|Updated Nov. 7, 2018
  • Democrat Adam Hattersley has defeated Republican opponent Joe Wicker.
  • The returns include early voting, mail-in ballots and 46 of 47 precincts.
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Democrat Adam Hattersley has defeated Republican Joe Wicker in the fight for the Florida House District 59 seat.

Hattersley said Wicker called him around 9 p.m. to concede the race.

The victory was “due to a couple of things,”  Hattersley said. “A lot of hard work, we knocked on a lot of doors and had a lot of local help.”

The district, he said, “was ready for it. It has been getting more and more blue.”

Wicker could not immediately be reached for comment.

The race pitted two veterans against each other to fill a seat vacated by Republican Ross Spano.

Hattersley, 40, is a Navy veteran who owns C-Suite Promotions.  He has never run for public office before.  Wicker, 40, is an Army veteran who previously ran for this seat in 2012. He owns Home Helpers Home Health Care.

Though long held by Republicans, District 59 is a swing district that went for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by less than a percentage point in the 2016 election.

Hattersley supports increasing funding for education as the first step in improving the state’s economy. He supports more money for teacher pay, and for school repairs and maintenance. He would expand Medicaid and called for the state to work more closely with local communities on improving transportation.

Wicker is a small-government conservative who called for cutting regulations. He opposed accepting federal Medicaid expansion money. On the issue of firearms, Wicker said “there is no such thing” as a gun show loophole and believed cutting administrators’ pay would fill a funding gap in education. And he would install metal detectors outside school buildings because “crazy people don’t follow the law.”

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