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William March: What’s next for these prominent Hillsborough Republicans?

In interviews, none of the prominent Hillsborough Republicans who lost Nov. 6 wanted to commit to political futures, although the options are there.

Please don't call them "losers," but they're prominent Hillsborough Republicans who didn't win Nov. 6: former state Sen. Dana Young, former state Rep. Shawn Harrison, former county Commissioner Victor Crist and longtime GOP activist Todd Marks.

What's next for them?

In interviews, none wanted to commit to political futures, although the options are there — open or likely open seats on the county board and Clerk of Court's office in 2020, for example.

Here's what they said:

Harrison: "I've been at it for over 20 years (on the City Council and in the House), and I think it's time to focus on some other things in life," including family and his law practice. He said he'd be interested in an appointment in the administration of new Gov. Ron DeSantis if one were offered.

Crist: "I'm going back to where I came from, civic activism. I'm going to re-energize the USF Area Civic Association to what it once was," and spend time with his friends, family, his marketing and advocacy business and his boat. But, he added, "You leave your options open — you don't rule anything out."

Marks: "I'm focused on my family and business. We'll see what the future holds. If there's an opportunity, I'll address it when it comes." Asked about the District 1 commssioner's seat Sandy Murman will leave open in 2020, he said, "A year is a lifetime" to decide.

Young declined to be interviewed.