Florida Insider Poll on the political futures of Adam Putnam, Pam Bondi

The political elites surveyed for the latest Florida Insider Poll overwhelmingly doubt Pam Bondi will run for office again
Pam Bondi has been mentioned as prospecy for President Trump's attorney general.
Pam Bondi has been mentioned as prospecy for President Trump's attorney general.
Published Dec. 7, 2018|Updated Dec. 7, 2018

As Attorney General Pam Bondi and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam slide into their final weeks in office, our latest Florida Insider Poll asked members of the political establishment what they expect of these political leaders down the road.

Most – 54 percent – expect Putnam to run for elected office again. The onetime rising star and frontrunner for governor overwhelmingly lost this year's Republican primary to Gov.-Elect Ron DeSantis. Barring the unlikely scenario of Putnam challenging a fellow Republican, the 44-year-old Bartow native has few near-term options.

Another run for agriculture commissioner in 2022? Another run for Congress if somehow Ross Spano get bounced over his campaign finance scandal?

Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority — 76 percent — of the political consultants, lobbyists, academics, and fundraisers participating in the unscientific survey, doubt Bondi will seek elective office again. The 53-year-old Tampa resident has been appearing regularly on Fox News lately, so a gig there could be a possibility.

The early Donald Trump supporter's name name also had been floated for U.S. Attorney General after Jeff Sessions stepped down.

Asked whether Bondi would be an effective attorney general for the country,  59 percent said no.

The month's Insiders included 77 Republicans, 54 Democrats and 8 people registered to neither major party. They are:

Anthony Pedicini, Jason Unger, Fred Karlinsky, Jim Smith, Oscar Anderson, Steven Vancore, Mike Hightower, Robert Watkins, Allan Bense, Mike Colodny, Ryan Duffy, Bill Lee, Mitchell Berger, Bernie Campbell, Jorse Pedraza, Rick Wilson, Slater Bayliss, Cory Tilley, Towson Fraser, Jim Holton, Alex Sink, Jim Rimes, Karl Koch, Susannah Randolph, Kirk Fordham, Peter Feaman, Zachariah Zachariah, Alex Patton, Doc Dockery, Brian Ballard, Terry Fleming, April Schiff, Bill Helmich, Samuel Neimeiser, David Colburn, Mitch Ceasar, Tim Baker, Bob Poe, Marion Hammer, John French, Brett Doster, David Johnson, Alia Faraj-Johnson, Richard DeNapoli, Chip Case, Mike Hamby, Kartik Krishnaiyer, Pablo Diaz, Jon M Ausman, Gus Corbella, Jon Costello, Jeff Johnson, Greg Ungru, Gregory Wilson, Sarah Rumpf, Evelyn Perez-Verdia, Christian Camara, Stephanie Kunkel, Wayne Bertsch, Roly Marante, Aubrey Jewett, David Mica, George Riley, Chris Hand, Amber Stoner Nunnally, Pat Neal, Ron Pierce, Jeff Wright, Alan Clendenin, Kelly Cohen, Donna Arduin, Gerald Wester, Jack Seiler, Edward Miyagishima, Husein Cumber, Jim Cherry, Ryan Wiggins, Stephen Shiver, Screven Watson, Jon Woodard, Jim Davis, Clarence McKee, Nancy Watkins, Ana Navarro, Jeff Kottkamp, Alan Becker, Eric Jotkoff, Jack Furnari, Willy Guardiola, Mark Ferrulo, Dave Aronberg, Rich Heffley, Eduardo Gamarra, Abel Harding, Steve Schale, Mike Hanna, Kim McDougal, Joshua Karp, Henry Kelley, Robert Wexler, Nancy McGowan, Bridget Nocco, Jamie Miller, Eleanor Sobel, Mark Zubaly, Barry Edwards, Rick Asnani, Fernand Amandi, Greg Turbeville, Jean Clements, Joe Perry, Tom Scarritt, Gayle Andrews, Ryan Banfill, Leslie Wimes, Susan Glickman, Marc Reichelderfer, Susie Wiles, Chris Hartline, Paula Dockery, Susan Goldstein, Jill Chamberlin, Shannon Love, Lucy Morgan, Andy Ford, Victor DiMaio, Barney Bishop III, Jon Mills, Ron Gunzberger, Nick Hansen, Ron Greenstein, Mel Sembler.