LAKELAND — A former Florida representative was arrested on charges of aggravated battery following an argument with his wife, who wanted to purchase a home in her own name, according to Polk County Sheriff's deputies.

Former Rep. Baxter Troutman, 52, who served in the state House from 2002-2010, was booked into jail early Saturday morning. His wife, Rebecca Troutman, told deputies about multiple incidents of battery domestic violence against her by her husband of ten years.

The most recent instance happened on Wednesday when the couple argued over Rebecca's desire to buy a home in Lakeland in her own name, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Former Florida Representative Baxter Troutman, 52, was booked into Polk County Jail on Saturday on charges of aggravated battery.
Former Florida Representative Baxter Troutman, 52, was booked into Polk County Jail on Saturday on charges of aggravated battery.

Rebecca Troutman left their home for several hours and returned around 9:30 p.m., according to an arrest report. She went to her room to sleep — she said they've had separate bedrooms for several years — until her husband started coming in and out of the room around 4:30 a.m.

Rebecca Troutman told deputies that her husband pulled the comforter off her bed and tried to wake her.

"Get up, it's a new day, it's time to get a job the (expletive) gravy train is
over,'" the husband said, according to the arrest affidavit.

Baxter Troutman then turned on multiple TVs throughout the house, cranking the volume and blaring heavy metal music, his wife told deputies. She said she wrapped herself up in the comforter and tried to fall back asleep.

Baxter Troutman then came back in the room and yanked the comforter so hard that he pulled his wife onto the floor, she told authorities. She said she told her husband not to touch her, but he continued to come in and out of the room.

The next time he entered, Rebecca Troutman said he grabbed her under the chin and jaw, pulled her head back and cursed at her to get up. He then left the room yet again.

The wife told deputies she let some time pass before getting up and using her cell phone to record the music blaring on TVs throughout the home. She then went back to her room, where she tried to block the door using a chair. She said she did not have a working lock on her door.

The arrest report also included information from Rebecca Troutman about  what she said were two previous incidents of domestic violence, one in 2018 and another in 2015.

She told deputies her husband hit her in the face with her cell phone in September after she refused to give him her passcode so he could check her phone. Rebecca Troutman gave deputies photos that showed a small cut across the bridge of her nose from the incident.

Rebecca Troutman said in January 2015 her husband grabbed her hand during an argument in her bedroom and twisted it until her right pinky finger broke. She told deputies she went to a neighbor who drover her to Winter Haven Hospital. The wife showed deputies photographs time stamped Jan. 14, 2015, showing "an obviously bruised hand and injury to her pinky finger."

This is not the first time deputies have responded to a domestic dispute involving the couple. Baxter Troutman was charged with domestic violence-battery and spent the night in the Polk County Jail in 2012 after his wife accused him of hitting her in the face with a bedspread.

Deputies arrested Baxter Troutman on one count of aggravated battery and two counts of battery in connection to the latest arrest.