Winner of the week

Florida Democrats. With Amendment 4 in effect, registrations are swinging blue. In Tampa, where a new mayor will be elected this spring, the crowds coming out to register to vote are older, blacker and more Democratic than the city overall. At the beginning of the year, 26 percent of Tampa voters were registered Republicans. But since the law allowing most people to register to vote as soon as they complete a felony sentence, Republicans make up just 17 percent of new registrations. If trends hold across the state, that’s bad news for the GOP.

Loser of the week

The giant slide. If there’s one golden photo opportunity in Florida politics each year, it’s opening day of the Florida State Fair when the state’s top politicians give in to a gleeful ride. There was hope that Florida’s new governor would take the plunge this year, but Ron DeSantis got away saying only that he was “going to find the least healthy thing to eat.” Bravo to Nikki Fried, Bob Buckhorn and Chad Chronister for having some fun.