Florida Insider Poll: What Grade did Ron DeSantis earn in his first month as governor?

And what about Rick Scott?
Ron DeSantis announces plans to invest in Florida workforce programs at Tampa Bay Technical High School on Jan. 30, 2019 in Tampa, FL. DeSantis says he wants to take Florida from 24th in the nation to first in workforce preparation.
TAILYR IRVINE | Times Ron DeSantis announces plans to invest in Florida workforce programs at Tampa Bay Technical High School on Jan. 30, 2019 in Tampa, FL. DeSantis says he wants to take Florida from 24th in the nation to first in workforce preparation.
Published Feb. 14, 2019|Updated Feb. 14, 2019

Florida’s political class gives new Gov. Ron DeSantis high marks for his first 30 days in office.

Nine out of 10 of the campaign operatives, lobbyists, money-raisers, political scientists and other veterans of Florida politics graded the Republican’s fast start as a B or better.

And it’s not just fellow GOPers who think DeSantis has done well since his inauguration. Of the 80 Democrats surveyed, the vast majority gave him an "A" or a "B" while just one marked him down for a “F.”

“He is already radically re-making the image and perception of a Republican Governor on environmental issues specifically with regard to the Everglades and Red Tide," one Democrat wrote. “He has taken quick action to remove elected officials who haven’t executed their job faithfully. He’s made ‘smoking of medical pot’ a major issue and has drawn a line in the sand with the legislature and he will eventually win on this issue ... All of this makes him a different kind of Republican and certainly it’s an 180-degree turn from the administration of Governor Rick Scott. I believe that Gov. DeSantis is out to re-make the image of Republicans in Florida and that will go a long way in changing the public’s thinking of GOP elected officeholders.”

Still, others cautioned there are more difficult days ahead, especially when the more conservative factions of his party in the House and Senate begin to scrutinize his budget.

“He will be tested when it’s time to veto member projects and fight for affordable housing money,” said one Democrat.

A Republican said: "He has set the bar very high. Can he sustain it? Vital is how he establishes his turf vs. the House and Senate. Is he more a cheerleader for particular bills, or does he lobby on their behalf. His Governorship has already been unique and original but does he assume a new role during the legislative session? "

Meanwhile, Scott’s first month received much less love from our insiders. Results were decidedly split from A to F.

“Rick Scott can’t stand the fact that he is the junior Senator to Senator (Marco) Rubio,” wrote one unaffiliated insider, who gave Scott a “F.” “He will not be told how to vote by Senator (Mitch) McConnell.”

Speaking of Rubio, while he must now share the spotlight in D.C. with a fellow Republican, Florida Insiders still see the younger and nationally recognized Rubio as the more compelling political figure.

Perhaps we should have asked if who is the more compelling Florida Republican going forward. Many of the Insiders saw the struggle for supremacy in the GOP between DeSantis, Scott and Rubio as a major storyline to watch this year.

“Who becomes the Republican standard bearer in Florida, DeSantis, Scott, or Rubio,” one Republican said. “Who’s party is it?”

The answer: Donald Trump’s. The Insiders expect the president to spend a lot of time in this battleground in 2019 while the Democrats are forced to spend time in early primary states.

More than half the Insiders said Trump will be in Florida four or more times over the next 11 months.

More poll results coming tomorrow.

The Times regularly surveys some of Florida’s campaign staff, party leaders, consultants, operatives, fundraisers, prognosticators and other well-known politicos. We allow participants to weigh-in anonymously to encourage honesty from people closely involved in the political process, but we always print the name of all the participants. This month’s Florida Insiders are:

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