TAMPA -- There may be a traitor in the the long-running Tampa vs. Miami Cuban sandwich war -- Sen. Marco Rubio.

In Tampa on Friday, Rubio apparently ate lunch at Tampa institution La Segunda and ordered a Tampa-style Cuban. This revelation was disclosed to the public by Tampa Democrat Rep. Kathy Castor at a hearing on the premium cigar industry.

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Not only did the Cuban-American Republican give his seal of approval to the Ybor breadmaker, he said it’s the best in Florida.

Here’s the relevant exchange.

Castor: “I want everyone to know Senator Rubio did have a Tampa Cuban sandwich before this hearing and he gave the thumbs up on the La Segunda bread. Maybe the best in the state?”

Rubio: “It is.”

Castor: “Ok. It’s on the record now.”

Rubio: “No Miami TV stations here, are there?”

At time of publication, there was no word on if he prefers salami and mayo on his sandwich.