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Marco Rubio was asked about Trump’s false wind turbine cancer claim. Here’s what he said.

‘When you have someone who is unorthodox, they say things that presidents before have never said.’

TAMPA — Sen. Marco Rubio stopped in Ybor City on Friday for a hearing on the premium cigar industry.

While there, he spoke with reporters on a variety of topics. He was asked about two recent falsehoods by President Donald Trump getting a lot of attention: That his father was born in Germany (he was born in New York) and a conspiracy that wind turbines can cause cancer.

Rubio said he hadn’t heard Trump’s comments about his father (though the president has said it before), but here’s his response to the turbine falsity.

“I don’t know if he misspoke. I think my colleague from Iowa (Sen.) Chuck Grassley, they have a lot of wind turbines in Iowa, was pretty exercised about it. I didn’t see where he said, it I just read something where he said it, so I don’t know if he misspoke or the context of it. Do I have concerns about it? I just get up every day and do my job and kind of focus on things that really matter. I understand it’s sort of a funny thing that people point at and write about or cover but we have such huge issues confronting this country: this trade deal with China, as an example, some of the national security threats we face around the world, and obviously even here locally with an industry that’s about to go out of business, so that’s where I try to put most of my energy and time and just recognize the president is a very unorthodox political leader, he’s not a professional politician. I think it’s one of the reasons why he won and one of the reasons why I believe he’ll be re-elected. And when you have someone who is unorthodox they say things that presidents before have never said and act in ways that presidents they never have before and there’s good things about it and there’s some things about it you wish would change and were different. By and large, I can tell you one thing, there’s never a boring day.”