Bob Buckhorn to Jane Castor: ‘Revel in it, treasure every moment’

The former mayor continues the Tampa tradition of leaving a letter on the mayor’s desk for the next one in charge of the bay area’s biggest city
Photo courtesy of City of Tampa
Photo courtesy of City of Tampa
Published May 1, 2019|Updated May 1, 2019

TAMPA—Bob Buckhorn loved being mayor. And his counsel to Mayor Jane Castor was never to forget the joy in the job.

Continuing a Tampa tradition of the outgoing mayor leaving a letter on the desk for their successor, Buckhorn wrote a congratulatory, laudatory note to Castor.

“Revel in it, treasure every moment and get up every day to make it a better place,” wrote Buckorn in blue ink on mayoral stationary.

Buckhorn, who led the city from 2011 until Wednesday, said he was confident Castor was the right person at the right time to lead the the city.

Castor, with partner Ana Cruz, read the letter on her first visit as mayor to the mayoral office in the first floor of the Municipal building across from City Hall where she’ll spend the next four years.

She tweeted her reaction.

Here’s the letter, courtesy of the city of Tampa.